Java Development

Java’s proven capability for building reliable, secure, scalable and flexible applications has been accepted worldwide. But, evaluating its deployment impact for custom needs of business, establishing an effective migration roadmap to enhance business functionalities and drawing maximum business benefits from Java practice are some of the key factors that enterprises have actively to think of. Orrisys’s deep capabilities in deploying Java in an effective manner help businesses meet their business objectives cost-effectively.

Java Centre of Excellence (Orrisys) with an aim to provide secure, scalable, reliable and robust solutions to our clientele. Orrisys gives attention to the delivery of large and small scale enterprise solutions for our clientele. Orrisys brings together state-of-the-art technology and advanced process knowledge with the team of Java/J2EE experts in delivering quality solutions through development of reusable components and reusable services.

Apart from providing high quality applications to our clients, our experts also concentrate in understanding technology and process. Our experts work with well defined procedures in providing technical design, development and solution management services using well-built project management and methodology focused delivery environment.

Our Java Orrisys helps provide solutions in variety of industry verticals such as Healthcare, E-Commerce, Retail, Telecom, and Manufacturing. We specialize in:

  • Design & Development of complete end-end web based solutions.
  • Design and Development of Web Services
  • Design and Development of Frameworks/API
  • Providing solutions that integrate with legacy systems
  • Providing solutions for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

A growing number of small scale businesses and organizations are depending on Java/J2EE to comprehend the benefits of open source technologies and security features using Java.

To help organizations, our Orrisys provides services in:

  • • Solution Development using industry best practices such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • • Providing solutions using open source frameworks which reduce investment cost to our small scale business clients.
  • • Architecture and Technology Consulting.
  • • Guiding the client on J2EE products and industry best practices to bridge the gap between technology and business prospects.

Why Orrisys?

  • Agile development, customer focused and quality-conscious
  • Proven development methodologies and matured processes
  • Best practice and frameworks to make your services easily accessible
  • Expert pool of Java professionals with deep domain knowledge
  • PMI certified project managers to provide high quality project management services for your business-critical application
  • Cost-effective and high quality Java based solutions as per your business needs
  • Extensive knowledge of Java technology and capability to apply it in practice with cost advantage